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I Wish I Could Paint Faster

New Sketch in the making

New Sketch in the making

I am now creating a new sketch that will eventually be a large vertical Pastel Painting. So far I have been working on this sketch for two weeks now.  This new Floral painting will have a white rose, white daisies and small white trumpet flowers as the featured spotlight grouping.

The upper right section of the painting where the overlapping white daisy petals will be against the light background is where I begin drawing today. This white on white area is very difficult to draw and paint. There has to be subtle shading to distinguish between the forms and the background. However, once thought out and drawn in, the transparencies in this painting are going to be beautiful.

I figure another week to draw all the details in the sketch for this painting. Then I transfer this sketch to heavy acid-free water color paper that will be mounted on acid free foam core as my working surface for my Pastel Painting.

Finally, I can begin painting. To spend this much time on a painting my inspiration has to be a very strong one.   The inspiration for this painting was the natural arrangement I created that I could not look away from.  The way the flowers twist and turned left me breathless with the loveliness of these living beauties.  Now they will live on with all their majesty in my painting. But, do expect to see this large piece finished before four months for the layering of the pastel takes time to achieve the forever beauty that I feel.

I will periodically update with this blog with pictures of this new painting as it progresses.  I have been working on paintings in my Floral Collection for over ten years and my newest Pastel Painting is “Romancing the Rose” seen here is all it’s glory. To view the other very special Floral paintings and Unique Enhanced Giclee Paintings visit my website.

I wish I could paint faster but I guess it’s just not in the cards for me.



"Romancing the Rose" Pastel Painting by Artist, L.A. CLINE

“Romancing the Rose” Pastel Painting by Artist, L.A. CLINE