Re-Creating Floral Fine Art Takes Time


Re-creating floral fine art takes time because a painting has to be created first. The inspiration for the painting is crucial. My desire to create must very strong and endure the test of time so want to paint the original and then re-create the art. It’s very exciting to know I have the opportunity to offer fine art to others at a lesser cost.

With only one original, the floral collection has exquisite re-creations. Only the finest materials are chosen for all my art including the “Hidden Beauty” re-creation you see here. The original painting is scanned then the colors are adjusted to create a matching re-creation. Sometimes I hand embellish a re-creation with the original painting right next to me. Embellishing is the closest to the real painting. The beauty of embellishment is the re-creation appears more real and three dimensional. Re-creating floral fine art takes time since you can only slowly and meticulously add embellishments and then allow them to dry.


Hand Embellished and framed Fine Art Re-Creation. "Romancing the Rose" measuring 40"X 42"

Re-creating floral fine art takes time especially when Hand Embellished. “Romancing the Rose” measuring 40″X 42″

The re-creation above, “Romancing the Rose” is a one of a kind work of art on canvas that is surrounded by a brown fillet that matches the wooden brown frame. The inner white linen sets off the romantic natural beauty of this work of art. It is a large piece great as a focal point for an important entrance, fireplace or seating area.

The meaning of flowers is universal emulating feeling such as Love, Passion, Happiness, Joy and the Memories we cherish. Flowers are a personal connection to the beauty of our world that also makes us feel beautiful. I want to share my art with you.
These re-creations are the closest representation that captures the original.
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