judge-website file1“Ms. L.A. Charnack/L.A. CLINE was the most meticulous, careful, competent artist I have ever met. From the initial meeting, through the many photographic sessions with em and without me ( for the background details), to the drafts and finished product, she was always consistently professional, dedicated to doing the best the most excellent job possible.

As to the quality of her work, the oohs and ahhs with which the finished portrait was met by the hundreds who saw it unveiled and the thousands who have passed by in the lobby of the Family Courthouse since, are proof of how well she captured me. My wife and I are thrilled with the portrait and the artist.”

The Honorable Richard Yale Feder
Administrative Judge Family Division
Circuit Court, Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida

This original pastel painting of the Honorable Judge Feder and other works were created before I married. I added L.A. CLINE as my permanent signature. L.A. Charnack and L.A. CLINE are one of the same.


two brothers0001 copy112The Goorland and Agatston Portraits.”Your portrait of my two sons and your portrait of my sister, Sari”s two sons are truly magnificent. The portraits not only look just like our children, the portraits are them. You truly captured the character of each young man. My sister; her husband, Arthur; and I and or children can’t wait to give the portraits to my mother for her birthday. The children are very excited abut giving Grandma this special gift which could not have been done without them we know my mother will cherish these portraits for the rest of her life.

I understand that these portraits presented a special challenge in that you painting two portraits as a set with more that one person in each portrait. Not only did the subjects within each portrait have to be coordinated, they had to be coordinated with the subjects in the other portrait, and the two portraits had to be “in sync”. To make matters even more difficult, my sons are 21 and 16 and my sister’s sons are 13 and 10. You were certainly up to the challenge and the result is superb.

Since Actions speak louder than words, the fact that I have just commissioned you to do another portrait of my sons for me should say more that all the accolades in the world.”

Bruce D. Goorland
Ruden, McClosky, Smith, Schuster & Russell, PA


LAC 167430_01 copy“To Whom it my concern,

It is a great pleasure to for us to write his letter of recommendation on behalf of artist Laurie Ann Charnack/L.A. CLINE.

In 1997 we commissioned Ms. L.A. Charnack/L.A. CLINE to hand paint a custom portrait of our two sons. Our portrait is one treasure a work of art that so beautifully captures the true essence of our sons…Their passion for each other and the game of hockey. Ms. Charnack/L.A. CLINE is an incredible artist, a true professional and a n absolute pleasure to work with. We would recommend L.A. Charnack/L.A. CLINE to any one considering having a custom portrait done of a loved on or for a corporate entity.”

Laurie and Lenny Suskind


Working with portrait artist L.A. CLINE was a wonderful experience. I gave her pictures and hair of our beloved cat Mr. Madison Blue, a Blue Point Himalayan and she created the most realistic painting of him. She was extremely professional and involved me in the process to be sure she captured him exactly. I would highly recommend her to any one looking for an exceptional portrait.” Tamara Tennant, ASID, NCIQ, Registered Interior Designer,


IMG_30901“L.A. CLINE is a wonderfully talented artist… The flawless intensity and vibrant colors displayed in her art illuminate my office. She has an uncanny talent for bringing nature to life!

John Kellar
First Vice President Investment Officer,
Senior Institutional Consultant at Wells Fargo

John Kellar choose a beautiful Framed Embellished Gilcee Replica of my oringal painting, “Bellissima”, a yellow Cattlelaya Orchid. Since there is only one original I love to recreate my art as Fine Art Giclees. This collection has only two pieces and each piece is embellished slightly different which makes each one a unique work of art. John purchased this piece at Neiman Marcus during a special “Trend Event” and exhibition I had for my Art.

LAC 172865(R3) 1(2)111111222
“L.A. is incredibly talented. Her gift with art is, perhaps, matched only by her demeanor with clients. A true listener, she’s a rare breed, as she’s clearly versed in the art of understanding her client’s needs. She is able, when necessary, to guide them through the remarkably rewarding experience of creating custom artwork. Her prints, giclees, and other products are simply great compliments to her timeless pastel creations.”
Adam Charnack Ringmaster at Hi-Wire Brewing, N.C.
This Fine Art Giclee of the “Lucky Leprechaun” I created is on the opposite wall from his desk so it is the only work he sees and its brought him good luck ever since!
For the Greatest Beer Ever visit Hi-Wire Brewing in Ashville NC!!!
IMG_6578SB2111 Copyright and year
“I finally received my painting (Simply Beautiful) by L.A. Cline back from the framers. And I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I’m a big fan of L.A. Cline’s work and I have watched this painting from start to finish, as it bloomed into its full Beauty. I placed it over my fireplace, the focal point of my living room and it is more magnificent in person than it was on line. To be able to see all the detail and work that went into this. I can honestly say it has enhanced my living room and it truly has earned its name “Simply Beautiful” Sincerely,
Michael Don Hawk” Expert Hair Stylist and Colorist,
In Sync Hair & Body Works,
My very dear friend Michael Hawk received a very special Artist Proof R7 the only one of its kind that I hand embellished with pastel. The embellishment gave the art the look and feel of the original painting.