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This Art Store offers, small limited-editions and one of a kind versions of, Master Artist, L.A. CLINE original paintings. Each fine art is uniquely hand-painted, framed and sized differently. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Artist. Fine Art Quality Promise Guarantee.


“Central Park South New York City”

This Original Pastel Painting entitled “Central Part South”. The framed original measures 27 1/2 by 38 1/2 is a part of the Artists Collection.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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It is a hot day in “Central Park New York City” with the sun shining on the resting horses, sparkling carriage and sculpture.  If you look close you can see a gentleman walking to find his next far. The umbrellas are up selling drinks to the tourists and the streets are lined with cars.

The 27 1/2″” X 38 1/2″ framed original pastel painting request a lot of research to make sure the details for the chariot style, assembly and summer gear for the horses were correctly portrayed.

The painting is very lush with full blooming trees just opening to see the water in the background landscape.  A beautiful summer’s day in New York City to go for a carriage ride. The original is a part of the Artist’s collection  however a miniature version is a work of art you can own.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.