“Central Park South” NYC Gold Trim Frame


I created this one 8″X 12″Archival Digital Fine Art canvas miniature “Central Park South” NYC Gold Trim Frame emulating my original Pastel Paintings ,”Central Park South”, NYC. Recently I found this frame that was discontinued however I found enough to create  one this piece. Central Park South is located across from the new Plaza Hotel and surrounded by all the wonderful stores.  A definite gathering place. It is also a tradition for visitors to take that romantic ride in the horse drawn carriage. The scene is a sunny summers day in New York  City with the statue glimmering and the carriages all shiny and ready to go. The 5″ wide black/brown matte frame with gold edging measuring 17″ X 21″ shows off all the details of this landmark scene. If you are interested in this beautiful art contact me.

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“Central Park South” NYC a world-wide famous gathering landmark,includes romantic horse drawn carriage rides around Central Park. Born in the Big Apple painting “Central Park South” NYC was the natural thing to do.

The original pastel painting captures Summertime in “Central Park South” NYC is the time for memories, proposals, love rides. Now the horses line up, carriages shiny freshly painted waiting for the man dressed with a top hat in the background to fill the carriages. The carriages have been painted different colors and are slightly different styles to choose from. Summertime gear for the horses is different from the heavier gear they wear in the winter.  Now the light straps and show off the shiny fur coats of the horses standing in a line taking a lunch break before the next rush.

Evident is the technique of stippling I used for the lush layered green trees, the glistening statue is a more abstract application, all the details of the grey road and buildings, the horses carriages even the people beside the lamp posts waiting their turn all, combine for a beautiful composition. Pastel is a medium you can create many different textures. Using soft and hard pastels produces a variety of textures for the “Central Park South” New York City painting.

This Miniature, “Central Park South” NYC Gold Trim Frame is smaller than my original however the wide frame is perfect for this Archival Digital Fine Art. 

Excellent art for a mantel, special side table or small hallway. If you have ever been to “Central Park South” NYC here is your memory.