Portrait 2 brothers

“Childhood Memories” Family Portrait Painting

This portrait was commissioned by the boy in the yellow shirt who visited my studio when he was 35 years old. I named this 27″ X 32″ Framed Pastel Painting, “Childhood Memories”. If you have memories that you would like to recreate as a beautiful pastel art painting contact me directly so we can talk about your ideas. There is no fee for consultations. Then visit the details page for more information about commissioned paintings. Be sure to visit all the galleries on the site.

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“Childhood “Memories” Family Portrait Painting  was a commissioned painting when the boy in yellow came to my art studio as a 35 year old man.  He handed me a 30 year old, torn, water damaged, sepia tone photograph and wanted a painting in color with corrections.

In the original photograph my clients leg was outstretched far out to the right that presented a very asymmetrical pose. He wanted me to adjust his leg and foot to a natural childlike position that would add symmetry to the painting. I had many children pose for me so I could measure and adjust the painting.

Since the portrait painting was so faded I asked my client to send family pictures and instead of using sepia tones a muted color scheme was developed to bring my client’s childhood memory to life.

This pastel painting “Childhood Memories” Family Portrait Painting portrays the carefree days of brothers playing within the beautiful landscape of the Grand Cayman Islands.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.