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“Essence of Bacchus”

This 24″ X 28″ image represents the original pet portrait painting art commission I created of Bacchus my clients loving Boston Terrier of 13 years. I meet Bacchus two days before he passed and I really enjoyed my time with my clients and Bacchus. He had the most sensational smile. It was a very emotional painting to create for my clients who have this portrait in their living room. If you are thinking of creating portrait of your beloved pet contact me so we can talk about your ideas. My consultations are free. For more information about commissioning a painting of your beloved pet contact me.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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I painted this 24″ X 28″ pastel commemorative portrait of Bacchus of my client’s loving Boston Terrier of 13 years.

Just after they commissioned this pet portrait of their beloved Bacchus, two days later he passed away from a brain tumor making this portrait even more special and more difficult to complete. My client wanted to remember their dog as a loving and happy companion, which shared a special place in their hearts. This pet portrait captured the “Essence of Bacchus”.

“Bacchus lived a full and rich life his owner told me and she wanted to capture the “Essence of Bacchus” was larger then life and so more than just a pet. I achieved this by focusing on Bacchus’s eyes and smile. Even at thirteen he still maintains that “puppy” expression my client was looking to capture in this pet portrait of Bacchus the family member and canine friend.

After this custom portrait painting was finished we found a baby paw print which we added on the piece when we had the painting frame.

This portrait was a very emotional experience at when finished a very beloved portrait.  If you are thinking of this kind of portrait please contact me directly to talk about it.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.