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“Flower Power”

This spectacular original acrylic “Flower Power” painting measures High 36″X 46″ Wide. To highlight all these incredible Flowers I added a lacquer cream/white frame that truly brings out all the colors. Since the painting is large you can enlarge the image by clicking two times. Walking up to this abstract flowers you experience the joy and happiness of the colors and the brushstrokes used to create each flower.  Starting with one color and then overlapping many layers of color gives you this incredible “Flower Power” painting. Click on the detail image and call me if this painting is something you would like created with colors especially for you!

Painting: Acrylic Paint,  Subject: Flowers, Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Flower Paintings, Fine Art, Medium: Acrylic Paint, Materials: Acrylic Paint, Acid Free Gator Board ,Wooden White Lacquer Gloss Frame, Clear Acid Free Varnish UV Protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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This original spectacular Abstract Flower Painting “Flower Power” has layers of colorful Flowers.

Creating this original  “Flower Power” Painting started with a white background and strategic placement of each layer of color.  The technique is in the layering. choosing the colors and waiting time for each layer to dry. This original abstract Floral painting represent the beauty of our natural flowers all together in acrylic painting.

Toward the end of the painting I decided to add the Florescent colors that really gave even more brightness to all the Flowers . When you take a close look this painting is filled with shapes and brushstrokes of excitement. This “Flower Power” is definitely art you will never pass by. Be sure to view the detail close up image of the flowers.