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“Flower Power”


Abstract acrylic paintings of flower is a very popular art form and L.A. CLINE’s “Flower Power” painting is a perfect example of this genre. Abstract flower paintings are created by using vibrant colors and shapes to create an impression of flowers rather than an accurate representation. The result is a visually striking piece of art that captures the beauty and energy of flowers in a unique way.

L.A. CLINE’s “Flower Power” painting is a beautiful representation of the abstract flower painting genre. The artist’s use of layers of acrylic paint creates a three-dimensional effect that draws the viewer into the painting. Each layer of flowers is carefully crafted to capture the opulent colors and intricate arrangements of flowers in nature. The use of fluorescent colors towards the end of the painting adds a unique brightness to the overall composition, making it an eye-catching piece of art.

L.A. CLINE’s created this digital fine art version of “Flower Power” that is available for purchase. This version of the abstract flower painting is created using the finest archival inks and canvas, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The canvas is stretched for easy installation, and the sides are hand-painted in gold or silver for a special detail. The addition of a varnish with UV protection further ensures the preservation of the artwork.

Overall, “Flower Power” is a stunning example of the abstract flower painting genre. Its vibrant colors, intricate layers, and unique use of fluorescent colors make it a standout piece of art that is sure to draw attention. L.A. CLINE also offers creating a custom painting using your colors and dimensions in addition to the digital fine art piece, “Flower Power” as an excellent addition to any art collection.

Digital Fine Art: Stretched Digital Fine Art, Stretched canvas, Subject: Flowers, Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Flower Paintings, Fine Art, Digital Art Flowers, Medium: Stretched, Archival inks with Acid Free Canvas, Clear Varnish UV protection for preservation.

29″ X 39″, 8lbs.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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