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“Flower Power”


This spectacular original acrylic “Flower Power” painting measures High 36″X 46″ Wide. To highlight all these incredible Flowers I added a lacquer cream/white frame that truly brings out all the colors.  Walking up to this painting you experience the joy and happiness of the colors and the brushstrokes used to create each flower.  Starting with one color and then overlapping many layers of color gives you this incredible “Flower Power” painting. Check out the close up image and call me if this painting is something you would like created with colors especially for you!

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Painting Detail Preview Frame View


This absolutely spectacular painting “Flower Power”, is a mesmerizing work of art. All the colors seem to be randomly placed when it fact each layer was specifically chosen as each under layer of Flowers were painted and drying.  There are many layers of colors overlapping and noticeable brush strokes throughout this original acrylic H36″X 46″W painting.  This painting is framed with a shiny lacquer cream/white frame that highlights all the colors in this “Flower Power”  painting.

Creating this “Flower Power” Painting started with a white background and strategic placement of each layer of color.  The technique is in the layering. choosing the colors and waiting time for each layer to dry. This original abstract Floral painting represent the beauty of our natural flowers all together in one painting.

Toward the end of the painting I decided to add the Florescent colors that really gave even more brightness to all the Flowers . When you take a close look this painting is filled with shapes and brushstrokes of excitement. This “Flower Power” is definitely art you will never pass by. Be sure to view the detail close up image of the flowers.