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“Flowers in Paradise”


The royal blue background of the “Flowers in Paradise” painting against the beautiful combination of the Flowers is similar to the Venetian artists who used very dark backgrounds to highlight their flowers. Since there is only one original I created this Archival Digital Fine art on heavy cotton archival paper and lovingly hand painted with many layers of pastel that I used to create the original.  The frame is a solid wooden golden frame with slight distress. This Archival Digital Fine Art is encased with Museum Glass for ultimate UV protection and clear visual clarity. This work of art measures 17 1/2″ X 21 1/2″ and there is an edition of 2 magnificent works of art with this frame including a Certificate of Authenticity. If you would like more information about this beautiful work of art or any other on my site consider contacting me so I can give you my personal attention to your questions.

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This very special painting “Flowers is Paradise” shows a combination of flowers so magnificent I was mesmerized by their beauty.

With a stroke of luck, I was up in Ocala Florida to visit a client and on my way home I stopped off at a Jumping Competition. Awestruck by the horses, the riders and the magnificence of the grounds I watched the competition. At the end of the course, the last fence, was a triple high pristine white jumping fence decorated at the side posts with the most opulent gorgeous flowers. They were so incredible I never wanted to forget them. That day gave me those incredible flowers that I never wanted to forget so I painted “Flowers in Paradise”.

The way these flowers are portrayed are reminiscent of the Venetian painters who used a dark background to highlight magnificent flowers. I decided that a Dark Royal Blue would be a modern rendition yet keeping with the black backgrounds of the old-world Venetian style. “Flowers in Paradise is a beautiful composition of Nature’s loveliness as framed wall art.

I am thrilled to be able to again re-create and paint this beautiful floral realism again as a unique one of a kind work of art. This Archival Digital Fine Art on heavy cotton archival paper as the original is heavily layered with the same pastels as the original and frame with this Antique Gold slightly distressed frame. The museum glass gives you the true view of the art.

Free Shipping in the United States and Canada.  Outside that area please call for a quote.