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“Flowers in Paradise” Antique Gold Frame


With a stroke of luck, the artist L.A. CLINE found herself in Ocala, Florida, visiting a client. Driving back home, the artist made an impromptu stop at an Equestrian Jumping Competition. Watching the horses and riders in awe and being captivated by the magnificence of the grounds. At the end of the course, the triple high pristine white jumping fence adorned with opulent flowers at the side posts were captivating. The sight was so mesmerizing that the artist was inspired to create a new painting, named “Flowers in Paradise”.

The artist drew upon the techniques of Venetian artists, who often used dark backgrounds to make their flowers stand out. For the artists modern rendition, was a dark royal blue background to enhance the beauty of the flowers in “Flowers in Paradise” Antique Gold Frame. The contrasting colors created a striking effect, making the painting truly unique.

The painting “Flowers in Paradise” has gained popularity and is now available in three different versions at the art store. Each version captures the elegance of the original painting, but with slight variations in style and framing. Art enthusiasts can choose their favorite rendition of “Flowers in Paradise” to adorn their homes and enjoy the timeless beauty that the painting exudes.

The artist’s chance encounter at an Equestrian Jumping Competition in Ocala, Florida, led to the creation of “Flowers in Paradise”. The painting’s royal blue background and opulent flowers reflect the artist’s modern interpretation of classical techniques. Now available in different versions, “Flowers in Paradise” continues to captivate art lovers with its timeless elegance.

Framed Art: Flowers In Paradise Antique Fold Frame, Subject: Roses, Daises, Iris, Flowers, Flower Painting, Style: Realism, Flower Art, Flowers Bouquet Painting, Digital Art Flowers, Medium: Hand-Painted Pastel, Materials: Heavy Acid Free Cotton Art Paper Mounted on Acid-Free Foam Core, Archival Inks, Digital Art, Spacers, Wooden Frame Gold finish, Museum Glass, UV protection for preservation.

17 3/4″ X 21″, 5lbs.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE


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