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“Flowers in Paradise” Gold Framed

This 8″X 10″ Canvas Fine Art Miniature with a gorgeous heavily carved gold frame was created from my original pastel painting “Flowers in Paradise”.  I wanted to capture all the details of my original as a miniature work of art. I created this miniature “Flowers in Paradise”, Gold Frame as a one of a kind art by discovering and combining the precise incredible digital process with tradition methods of hand painting. This allowed me to perfectly combine the hand paint layers of pastel on acid-free heavy cotton paper with the intricate carved gold frame to capture the beautiful flowers. This wonderful one of a kind art could be displayed in a curio, on a shelf or niche for that one eye-catching floral touch. The art measures 14 1/4″X 16 1/4″. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies this work of art. If you have any other questions about this Art contact me directly.

Painting: Hand Painted Pastel, Archival Inks on Heavy Cotton Paper, Digital, Subject: Pink Rose, Flowers, Medium: Hand Painted Layers of Pastel, Archival Inks, Digital, , Materials: High Quality Cotton Paper, Archival Spray for UV protection and preservation, Museum Glass.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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Exquisite “Flowers in Paradise” Gold Framed miniature Canvas Art it is remarkable work of art.

Miniatures are intriguing art since the framing can dictate the style. “Flowers in Paradise” Gold Framed takes on an antique look of years ago because of the heavily carved gold frame yet the art is ageless. Reminiscent of the Venetian painters painted black backgrounds to highlight their magnificent flowers, I decided to use Dark Royal Blue as modern rendition framed in Old World Antique Gold.

Finding these beautiful unforgettable Flowers was a surprise. After visiting a client from Ocala Florida I saw an Equestrian Jumping Competition in progress. Awestruck by the horses, the riders, magnificence of the grounds I noticed at the end of the course, the last fence, was a triple high pristine white jumping fence decorated at the side posts with the most opulent gorgeous flowers to beautiful not to take them into my heart and create the original pastel painting “Flowers in Paradise”. They were so incredible I never wanted to forget them.

I wanted to create a miniature work of art from my original and used the digital process to accomplish this along with hand painted with layers of Pastel sprayed for preservation. The success with the miniature is a beautiful rendition of detail along with the heavily carved gold frame showing.

I only created this one miniature “Flowers in Paradise” Gold Framed.