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“Happy Flowers Painting”


“Happy Flowers Painting”is an original one of kind acrylic painting. This striking flower painting measures 24 1/2″X44 1/2” with a wooden white lacquer frame. “Happy Flowers Painting” is an acrylic painting with an archival vanish. This is a type of flower painting that can be customized with colors that go with your color scheme. If you are interested in this painting and would like more information contact me at your convenience.  I enjoy speaking with my clients and clients to be about the art they catches their eye. I like a more personal connection with the clients who buy my art. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.

Painting: Acrylic Paint, Acid-Free Gator Board, Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Flower Paintings, Fine Art, Medium: Acrylic Paint, Materials, Acid Free Gator Board, Acrylic Paint, Wooden Gloss White Lacquer Frame, Acid Free Clear Varnish UV Protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE



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Happy Flowers Painting with its beautiful overlapping colorful abstract flowers takes you breath away.

This eye catching original acrylic painting that keeps your eyes fixed and feeling all the colors and flower shapes this painting has to offer.

This original design is layers of Acrylic Paint brushed into different shapes and colors of flowers flowing over each other living together in harmony in this one Happy Flowers Painting. It’s knowing when to stop is the ultimate question when painting like this. Every layer has to dry before you start another. Leaving the white areas free of paint give the flowers more contrast.

This type of painting is available in larger sizes if needed and custom color for your decor.