Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

“Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, the artist carefully mapped out the facial features for the portrait of Harley, a beloved Cocker-Spaniel, for a custom pet drawing. Her nose, not black but a medium brown, and her fur, a golden blonde, were painstakingly rendered with pencil strokes that captured the essence of her softness. Harley’s eyes, a dark brown, were the highlight of her portrait, drawing the viewer in with their expressive gaze.

The artist L.A. CLINE fondly recalls dressing “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait in her costume for Halloween, reflecting on her sweet and loving nature. As the portrait took shape, the artist felt Harley’s spirit come alive on the paper, particularly through her eyes and nose. To this day, looking at the finished “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait, the artist is reminded of her loving nature and it brings joy to the entire family.

Having the completed portrait of Harley hanging on the wall is a source of happiness for the family. Each day, they are greeted by her loving eyes and the memories of her playful personality. The “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait serves as a cherished tribute to their beloved pet, capturing her essence and bringing her presence into their home, filling their hearts with warmth and joy.

Framed Pencil Art: Pencil, Acid Free Paper, Subject: Cocker Spaniel, Dog, Style: Dog Portrait, Pet Portrait, Custom Pet Portraits, Contemporary Portrait, Medium: Pencil, Materials: Pencil, Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Foam Core Mount, Acid Free White Paper Matte with Red Trim, Matte Silver Frame, Plexi-Glass, UV Protection and preservation.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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