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“Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait

I miss Harley all the time. She was the best Cocker-Spaniel with the most loving personality ever. I created this custom portrait drawing of our Super Dog so I could see her every day. The frame portrait measures 19 ½” X 23” and I am very happy I created this portrait for my husband for this pet portrait painting art commission was something he really loves to look at every day! If you desire a portrait of your pet contact me with your ideas.

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Art: Pencil, Acid Free Paper, Subject: Cocker Spaniel, Dog, Style: Dog Portrait, Pet Portrait, Custom Pet Portraits, Contemporary Portrait, Medium: Pencil, Materials: Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Foam Core Mount, Acid Free White Paper Matte with Red Trim, Matte Silver Frame, Plexi-Glass, UV Protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE



I created this free-hand pencil sketch custom pet drawing In Memory of “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait.

Starting with a white blank piece of paper is a daunting task to start with that first pencil mark. I mapped out her nose and eyes and the distance between the to carefully drawn them in. Harley’s nose was not black more medium brown, her fur was a gold blonde. Penciling in the tones to make sure her fur and nose tones represented with that feeling of gold blonde fur.  Harley’s eyes were very dark brown. She drew you into her beautiful face with the expression of her eyes. This pet portrait painting art commission definitely captured this “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait.

We use to dress her up on Halloween in this costume “Super Dog”.  She was the sweetest most loving Cocker-Spaniel ever.  Once I captured her eyes and nose I felt her spirit.  To this day when I look at this “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait drawing I look right into her beautiful loving eyes. I am so happy my husband to be at the time commissioned this portrait of his “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait.

I am so happy to  have this portrait “Harley” Super Dog Pet Portrait on my wall. Seeing her every day brings such happiness to our family.