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Dan Marino Pastel Painting

Miami Dolphins Greatest Quarterback

This 36 1/2″ X 37 1/2 Framed Original Pastel Portrait Painting of Dan Marino is framed with the Dolphin Colors on the inside wooden filets along with the distressed heavy wooden frame enhances this painting to the max! View the Video. I created this painting while Jimmy Johnson started to coach for the Dolphins.  Painted in 1996 this piece was a show stopper at all my art shows.  The intense star of Marino’s blue eyes setting up for that long pass. The Dolphins even lent me his uniform so I could capture every detail. If you are a Dan Marino fan this painting is an extraordinary piece for your collection. Any questions contact me.

Painting: Pastel, Acid Free Heavy Cotton Paper, Keywords: Football, Miami Dolphins, NFL Team, Dan Marino, Portrait Painting, Pastel Artwork, Pastel Painting, Subject: Dan Marino, Styles: Portrait Painting, Realism, Fine Art, Medium: Pastel, Materials: Acid Free High Quality Paper, Spacers, Frame, Linen Liner, Wood inside frame, Plexi Glass, UV protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE



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This Original Pastel  Portrait of Miami Dolphins Greatest Quarterback Iconic Dan Marino captures the confidence and determination of a true sports legend! Here he is setting up for the perfect pass!

You can almost hear the roar of the fans as this football hero readies himself to make the big play on the perfect sunny Florida day. Few football players have risen to the heights of fame and reverence as Dan Marino.

Any Miami Dolphins fan would be proud to own this original masterpiece of sports art. This Original from my personal collection, only one lucky art person will own this  one-of-a-kind original pastel portrait painting. Bring the excitement in football history into your home or office today!  Any questions call or email me.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.