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“Simply Beautiful” framed flowers


The organic and natural placement of the flowers was a very special element for this original pastel painting. The colors are refreshing and the flowers are exciting showing the world how beautiful they truly are. I love painting flowers and I blessed to be able to create and use modern technology of the digital process in combination of traditional painting methods to capture a new original painting with such beauty and accuracy. This 28 1/2″ X 36″ is the first Artist Proof #1, which I have painted layers on all the flowers and background using many layers of pastel as the original. The white/cream wooden frame adds to this work of art “Simply Beautiful” a beautiful freshness. In addition to this Artist Proof there will be a small edition of 2 pieces framed this white/cream made to order. I will hand layer each art separately with pastel making sure each is slightly different and it’s own unique work of art. If you would like more information about this art or any of my art before you decide on the art contact me directly.  My site is all about personal attention and making you feel comfortable when you decide on one of my works of art. Feel free to contact me directly.

Made in the USA.

Painting: Pastel, Digital, Archival Inks on Acid Free Paper, Subject: Rose, Daisies, Mixed-Flowers, Style: Realism, Floral Painting, Flowers, Roses, Medium: Pastel, Archival Inks,  Materials: High Quality Acid Free Paper, Semi-Fixative Spray, Spacers, White Cream Wooden Frame, Plexi-Glass with UV Protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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“Simply Beautiful” framed flowers represents the simply wondrous natural beauty found in our world.

Creating this organic Floral original pastel painting reveals soft real life petal texture draws you closer. Painting Flowers requires creatively correctly placing the colors and flowers intermingling color and form against the background naturally.  I also created this Archival Digital Fine Art of “Simply Beautiful” Framed Flowers that is a strikingly beautiful multi layer masterpiece as I hand layered using the same pastel create the same three dimensional look of the original.

Originally a bouquet came wrapped with many more flowers. Choosing the flowers arranging the composition as a image for this painting technically took time. Holding the flowers letting go in a large vase to organically free fall took many trials until I was satisfied.

Pastel medium works well blending multiple layers achieving the bright and soft colors. Keeping calm when painting helps me tremendously. Similar to mediation deep in thought I choose my palette. Between soft, hard pastels choosing the right color requires years of using Pastels. This painting was transformed with hand layered multi-media to create this original Archival Digital Fine for you to enjoy as a very special collectible!

“Simply Beautiful” creates a real portrayal of the beauty of our world that I love sharing with you. I then decided to expand my art collection a little by combining the technology of today with the traditional painting methods. I scanned my original and went through the digital process for this beautiful image heavy acid free paper much like I used for the original. Then I painted the whole painting with layers of pastel to create another kind of original painting. This one is frame with a creme white frame be sure to view image.

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