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Super Bowl by L A  CharnackClineADJ_signature

“Super Bowl XXXIII” John Elway Sports Portrait Painting

This 45″ X 52″ Framed Pastel Painting featuring John Elway from “Super Bowl XXXIII” is a part of the Artist’s personal collection.

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L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.



“Super Bowl XXXIII” John Elway Sports Portrait Painting is an original pastel painting featuring John Elway in a collage of three action sequences celebrating his last touchdown that clinched the Championship in 1999.

I was on the 20 yard line at “Super Bowl XXXIII” when John Elway made his last winning touchdown. Having the opportunity to actually be at “Super Bowl XXXIII” was incredible. Then I had the ability to choose scenes and draw what I wanted to create as his last victory.

This Super Bowl XXXIII John Elway Sports Portrait Painting measures 45″X52″ combines scenes melting into one another with the goal posts on either side as the ultimate accent. The action and excitement of moment was an extraordinary pastel painting to create commemorating this action scene win for history.

This pastel art painting is a part of the Artist’s Collection.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist