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Three Enchanted Bloom

The original painting is a large lavender Rose. After seeing the way the lights and darks created a beautiful original design in my original, I scanned my painting and developed these three different color versions on 20″X20″ canvases. I could not believe how beautiful they looked together in different colors. The Rose itself is the flower of love and each color brings another feeling. These three separate canvases do not need to be framed. You can display them together as shown or hang them separately horizontal or vertical spaced as you like. Each one has the design all around the 2″depth. These flowers with their soft colors add a wonderful natural feeling of a flower in bloom in your personal space. My art reflects incredible nature we have in our world. Be one with nature.

Art: Archival Inks on Canvas, Digital Fine Art, Subject: Roses in three colors, Style: Realism, Surrealism, Contemporary, Fine Art, Decorative Art, Beautiful Flowers, Medium: Archival Inks, Digital, Material: High Quality Canvas with 2″ stretchers, Varnish with UV protection and preservation.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE




These Roses are so wonderful together that I decided to combine these Three Enchanted Bloom On Sale!

I just love Roses and created the pastel Painting “Enchanted Bloom” in Lavender.  The design was so beautiful that I created more colors with the same intensity on canvas to keep this soft, natural feeling repeating in different colors.  These three Enchanted Bloom on sale are three separate canvases 20″X20″ being sold as a set and really goes with any room style.

From the original pastel painting I used acid-free heavy canvas and archival inks when creating these 20″X20″ canvas Roses. Then blend together so well because of the way the colors were developed with the same saturation and tones.  Then can be displayed close together or with space between them both horizontally or vertically. These three Enchanted Bloom Roses bring the beauty of nature to any room.