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“Tony Bennett Portrait” – Entertainment Portrait

This 29 1/2″ X 29 1/2″ Framed Original Pastel Painting of the beloved entertainer Tony Bennett is a wonderful nostalgic painting even for the young singers today. I just recently saw him in person and still what a show! This painting uses many pastel pigments of grey tones and I love the shine on the microphone and his suspender clips. This is a young Tony Bennett portrait yet you can still see that great face and imagine his great voice. I start with a white heavy acid-free paper and work with many layers of pastel pigment to achieve Mr. Bennett’s look and different textures within this piece. This young Tony Bennett pastel portrait is inspiring for all and the grey, combined with the soft black and muted colors of blue and yellow give this beautiful art a very nostalgic feel. For any questions concerning this painting please contact me directly.

Painting: Pastel, Heavy Cotton Paper, Subject: Tony Bennett, Style: Nostalgic, Realism, Fine Art, Medium: Pastel, Materials: High Quality 130lb Acid Free Paper, Mounted Acid Free Foam Core, Acid Free Semi Fixative Spray, Wooden Frame finished with Silver with slight etching, White Linen Liner, Plexi-Glass, UV Protection.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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This Tony Bennett portrait was created with different shades of grays; Blue Grey, Purple Grey, Brown Grey, Red Grey, White, Off-White and Cream pastels. Even though the overall color scheme is monotone, great care was taken to include many shades of gray to portray this beloved and legendary entertainer in a nostalgic setting.

The details such as the microphone the suspenders, his young face swooning as he say his song bring you back to those nostalgic days.

This depiction of a young and dapper Tony Bennett portrait shows him at the beginning of his career at Columbia Records. Now over 90 he is still going strong! Great gift for any music lover whose idol is the legendary Tony Bennett. It is framed beautifully in a solid wooden silver tone frame with a linen liner.  The framed original painting measures 29 1/2″ X 29 1/2″.

The Soft Black, Grey and muted pastel colors brings back the days of nostalgia. If you have any questions about this painting call or email me directly.

L.A.CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.