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“Two Beautiful Ballerinas” Family Portrait Painting

This 44″ X 60″ Commissioned Framed Pastel Painting of these two beautiful sisters was a lot of fun to create. The girls personalities were wonderful to work with. We all met three times. Since the girls were very active I took many measurements to make sure different heights and proportions would be correct. The pink Hair Piece of the older sister was something she really loved so I created and designed the poses and costume around her favorite hair piece. If you are contemplating a portrait of your children contact me and go to the page Commissions Page for more information. If you have something in mind call me consultations are free! Be sure to take advantage of the site and explore all the galleries.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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“Two Beautiful Ballerinas” Family Portrait Painting captured two young sisters showing off their Ballerina poses. 

Their Mother wanted a portrait painting of her beautiful daughters over a stone fireplace in her formal living room. As you open the door to her home the focal point over of the fireplace is this 40″X60″ pastel painting. The ceilings were very high about at about 13 feet so the portrait needed to take on a vertical composition painting.

I invented the poses of each child along, with their ballerina costumes. My client loved shades of lavender so I created the sense of softness within the background of this delicate portrait painting by using my client’s favorite color.

It was a great deal of fun working with these two sisters. They were very active and loves to dance and play.  There were three sessions I met with them to get to know there personalities.  The older sister had this pink hair piece that she wanted in the portrait that gave me the inspiration to create the poses of the girls and design their costumes as “Two Beautiful Ballerinas”.

It was a great time for all!!  If you have any questions about this piece please contact me directly.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.