“Wandering Impatiens,” Silver Frame


This magnificent Archival Canvas Recreation of the original pastel painting of “Wandering Impatiens”. This 32″X 38 ” canvas I hand completely hand painted this art with acrylic paint and oil paint then surrounded this beautiful composition with a silver semi-gloss frame. Each one I hand layer is a unique one of a kind work of art since create each one at a time and use slightly different colors so that each one is personal to the buyer. This work of Art is a definite eye catching design perfect as a focal point for any room. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies this work of art. My site is all about personal attention to my clients. If this or any other art I create interests you contact me directly.

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“Wandering Impatiens”, Silver Frame surrounding the flowers captures all the flowers and the way they all were blooming touched so beautifully by the sun.

I love the light pink tones with fuchsia since those are my favorite colors. In order to build these colors with pastels I used a very intricate layering process that uses at least 20 layers of pastel. This technique gives the colors the richness and density you see in the painting and the re-creations.

Before I painted “Wandering Impatiens” I created a pencil sketch to scale. This is the blue print for the painting. After four months of painting I noticed that this pastel painting is one that you can turn in any direction and the composition will look good. My signature on the lower right side is the correct view for this painting.

A sea of Wandering Impatiens flowers growing and spreading to their fullest bloom is a wonderful expression of color and natural beauty. The Original Framed Pastel Painting 55″ X 47″, shows the flowers twisting and turning with the suns goodness always looking fresh and exciting. The painting is bursts with color.

This beautiful striking recreation of the original is framed with a silver semi-matte frame that gives this 32″X 38″ its one of a kind status.

I have heavily hand embellished this Fine Art Re-creation with layers of acrylic paint and touches of oil paint to give this art its unique look. The Pink, White, Fushia and Green combination of colors gives this unique and one of a kind art a splash of color as a focal point for any room.  The excitement of the flowers whirling in different direction holds your attention to the splendor of the composition. Every piece I embellish is a one of a kind unique work of art!

Contact me with any questions.  I would be delighted to talk more about this beautiful reflection of Nature.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.