Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

“Flower Power”

“Flower Power “ means love and peace. Flowers, toys, candy, music were all part of the street theater happy symbols transferred war protests to peaceful affirmative action during the Vietnam War. The Flower Children as they were called wore bright flowers in the hair and clothes.

Even now Flower Power fills our world with Love in all sorts of ways. The flower power is remarkable. Flowers talk of beauty, love, passion, friendship, memories the reasons to love flowers are infinite.

Creating a painting is another incredible way to recreate the flower power that touches your heart. Flower paintings are so wonderful because they still hold the visual meaning of seeing the original flowers and the loving thoughts of that day. Something you love to see that brings you joy and happiness every day.

Artist, L.A. CLINE, Pastel Painting. "Romancing the Rose"

Artist, L.A. CLINE, Pastel Painting. L.A. CLINE with Pastel Painting “Romancing the Rose”

“Romancing the Rose” a bouquet my husband sent me on our anniversary. I love the Red Rose in the middle of the other flowers. I did some rearranging added personal touches cherries, Butterfly’s and a little lady bug that gave the painting even more meaning to me and now I will never forget that bouquet and that wonderful day. It is also an expression of a happy painting that would have a special meaning to whomever would view the art.

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A painting does not have to be of a bunch of flowers it could be one flower like, “Bellissima” a yellow Cattleya Orchid that you just wanted to see in full bloom forever since orchids take a long time to bloom but when they do it is a powerful spectacular site.

"Flowers in Paradise" Pastel Painting by L.A. CLINE

” Flower Power, Flowers in Paradise” Pastel Painting by

“Flowers in Paradise” is a bouquet that is so beautiful you never tire of looking at the flowers. These paintings inspire the memories we hold dear.

For over 40 years the paintings I create use the pastel medium. It produces the most gorgeous results that have the real look and the feeling of the soft, touchable petals of the flower and leaves.

I have developed a multi-layering technique using pastels. I work in the morning, noon, and evenings, on good and not so sunny days to produce the texture, details and subtleties of light of each flower. Working with the natural light helps me to create the layers of light within the painting so when you hang your painting there is no need for direct overhead lighting. The painting already has the light build into the colors because of the 15 to 20 layers of pastel that gives such depth and vibrancy to each floral pastel painting.

These beautiful paintings represent only a part of my Floral Collection of paintings that I have continued to create over the past 15 years. Flowers are one of the most beautiful part of our world because they represent many moments in our lives. Each flower painting we adore brings out the timeless beauty that is within. Check out the art store where you will find  all the one of a kind Fine Art Collection of these beautiful paintings on my home page